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Cleaning the washing machine in the correct way and recurrently is necessary for a good functioning of it in order to avoid any breakdown or dirt in the clothes after using it.



Usually “putting a little bit more” of detergent on each washing cycle and using softener when washing with cold water leaves some residues on the rubbers and the drainpipe, it also consumes more water and electricity to be able to remove all the foam that has been produced, making it worse than just using the right amount.

In this article we will explain a homemade tip to clean a washing machine in a very practical and simple way.

Steps to clean a washing machine:

Step N°1: Pour half a bottle of bleach (half a liter) in the detergent compartment and select the 95° washing program or maximum temperature.

Step N°2: Once the previous program has finished repeat the same process with another half-liter of bleach poured in the detergent compartment selecting the 95° program again.

Step N°3: Select a normal washing program to remove any smell left.



With this simple process we will be able to remove all the possible mold from the rubbers and the detergent remaining, leaving our washing machine with clean and shiny rubbers. The easiest and best way to clean the machine rubbers and drum.