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Should I separate it per color or by fabric? What’s the best program to wash cotton? Can I wash bed sheets and towels at

the same time? What type of maintenance does the washing machine requires?

In Alabama Appliance we have gathered the best tips and tricks and even some secrets for you to know how to properly



put your clothes in the washing machine once and for all, this way you won’t need to call your mother to ask her or even

look for that manual of instructions that could be anywhere in your house, and let’s admit it, we never find it

We have developed our washing machines to get our clothes as clean as possible without a single spot, how did we pull

that off? By having a wide variety of programs, one for each type of fabric as well as a wide variety of functions that will

Help you get the perfect result

But in order to get those perfect results in the washing process there are some things you need to do first when selecting

the clothes, here you have some tips about washing and maintenance of a washing machine.




Before using our Brand new washing machine for the first time you need to do a first wash with an empty drum and

select the 60° C program. Once it ends your machine will be ready to start washing offering you the best results

Have you followed all this tips? Great! Now you have learned how to properly do it and are now an expert!