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The appliance that uses more energy is the refrigerator, since it is always plugged and constantly working, therefore it is important that at the moment of choosing your refrigerator you must look for an A+++ energy class one, because it consumes less electricity and you can save $150 a year compared to your old A class fridge.

Two refrigerators with the main characteristics don’t consume the same energy of course, since the use it not the same for everyone and it has to do with the amount of food you put inside, outside temperature and the times the door is opened for short periods of time.



Another appliance that consumes a lot of energy is the dryer machine without the heating pump, because it has to use its resistance to dry clothes.

The proper analysis and information about the use of energy of your refrigerator will help you estimate how much energy it will consume per year and the impact it will have on your electric bill.

The use of energy of an appliance is classified in a scale of colors that goes from A-green for the more efficient appliances, to D-red for the less efficient ones, it even includes 3 additional classes of energy efficiency which are: A+, A++ and A+++




The use of kilowatts used per year can be easily calculated by multiplying the kilowatt used by its rate that could be $0.12, so that way you can know how much you will be paying.